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In questo articolo Apple execs to blame for maps, online service failures? | iPodNN mi pare che, oltre a ribaltare le consuete agiografie si dica chiaro e tondo quello che si sa da anni:

The original Maps app, for instance, is said not to have been planned for the original iPhone unveiling. A number of weeks before the event in January 2007, Steve Jobs asked for the app to be created with the ultimate aim of demonstrating the touchscreen capabilities of the phone. A former Apple engineer claims that it took a pair of developers three weeks to construct the app, using mapping data supplied by Google. After the iPhone became popular, Apple executives became concerned by the amount of customer data being handed to Google on each request for maps, something the company thought effectively helped their main competition in the development of Android.

Un genio.

MobileMe suffered a number of technology-related issues when it started, which led to the firing of the MobileMe team. Interviewees called the MobileMe saga a byproduct of Apple executives not understanding the differences between a service offering downloads, such as iTunes, and a service that needs to be robust enough to deal with constant updates with as little downtime as possible, such as MobileMe. Company secrecy made stress-testing difficult to perform, which executives discovered after MobileMe moved from Apple-only testing to full public usage.


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