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Prima che ci pensi qualcun’altro devo ricordarmi di brevettare il “pulsante vaffanculo”

This morning, several iOS developers have tweeted that they have been served with papers regarding their applications’ use of in-app purchases. PCalc Lite developer James Thomson tweeted that he received a FedEx package of legal papers this morning. Thomson lives in Scotland. As Thomson clarifies, he hasn’t been sued yet but he’s “been told that I am infringing their patent, they want me to license it, and I have 21 days.”

Chicago-based developer Patrick McCarron confirmed that he too had met with identical circumstances. Both developers have declined to name the party of the complaint and both will be consulting with Apple, whose in-app purchase mechanism they are using, before making any further statements. Thomson told John Siracusa it was not MacroSolve, a company which has been increasing its enforcement of patents around mobile tech.1

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