Crètina At Full Resolution

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While Apple’s new Retina MacBook Pro includes a display measuring 2880×1800 pixels, the default display options do not allow users to run their systems at that raw resolution. Instead, the extra pixels are used to display a higher level of detail on a canvas representing the previous 1440×900 resolution. As a result, windows and user interface elements appear to be the same relative size as on a 1440×900 15″ display, but with four times the detail. Users who wish to use a desktop with apparent resolution higher than 1440×900 can still do so, as System Preferences offers several different options ranging up to 1920×1200.

Però intanto Apple ha annunciato la novità.
In attesa di poterla usare; magari col Coguaro, chissà…

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Da: Running the Retina MacBook Pro at Full 2880×1800 Resolution – Mac Rumors.

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