Papers is now officially part of Springer Science+Business media!

Your first question is probably “Why did you decide to become part of Springer”?

A little more than 5 years ago Papers was born in between Alex’s PhD and postdoc. It was a simple application designed to do one thing very well: organize your scientific PDFs, in a way very similar to how iTunes organizes your music files. But like iTunes, we have steadily grown Papers to do much more. And with each new version of the program, we realize how much more we could do, and what potential Papers has to help researchers even more.

But there is only so much a small team like ours can do, and a day really only has 24 hours. It hurts having to say no to really good ideas, or having to delay new releases when other things demand priority. That’s why we are so excited to become part of Springer. It will help us to take Papers to the next level and will allow us to improve the app, bring you new features faster, and give you better support. All with the same dedication and excitement you are used to get from us. We can’t wait to get going!

Of course, that doesn’t answer the many other questions you probably have. Below you’ll hopefully find the answers to most of them already: : Software for Research

È un modo carino per dire che finiranno come EndNote, ovvero versioni su versioni che non cambiano nulla se non il progressivo e la lista delle Known Issues:

Will there be fewer updates now that you are part of a big company?
Absolutely not! If anything we believe that with Springer behind us we can move faster and deliver more updates.

Di quanto aumenterà?
Si accettano scommesse.


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