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Question from David: The lack of a 32GB BTO option for the new MBPs raised some eyebrows and caused some concerns (me included). Does ~3GBps bandwidth to the SSD make this a moot issue? I.e. memory paging on a 16GB system is so fast that 32GB is not a significant improvement?

Schiller’s answer: Thank you for the email. It is a good question. To put more than 16GB of fast RAM into a notebook design at this time would require a memory system that consumes much more power and wouldn’t be efficient enough for a notebook. I hope you check out this new generation MacBook Pro, it really is an incredible system.

Se è per quello, se li tieni spenti consumano ancora meno batteria.
Ma perché chi li compra si ostina a volerli usare?

Da New MacBook Pros Max Out at 16GB RAM Due to Battery Life Concerns

P.S.: Comunque ammazza le cazzate…

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