RFCC (TrecCKani)


Sembra che l’idea del KCCC (King Crimson Collector’s Club) sia piaciuta al Sig. Fripp ed alla Sig.ra Fripp (la sorella), tanto che hanno pensato di vendere (vendere) alcune riflessioni su CD.

Finalmente un CD Set nel quale potremo saperne di più su:

For the first time ever… experience the private side of Robert Fripp. Hear him be funny, profound, poignant and up-close-and-personal.
* Robert locked out of his hotel room without his trousers.
* The indignities of being a working musician.
* His favorite sounds when at home.
* How his bunny runs his household.
* Find out how the music business really is.
* How Fripp relates to his critics… good and bad.
* How a lunch time performance was 8 hours.
* What Robert likes to read.
* The most heavenly place to perform.
* How art enhances our lives.
* Why Robert will run away from you before a concert.
* Robert’s real life work.
* The crafty guitarists and Guitar Craft.
* Fripp does not play music for the money.
* Elton John on Oprah.
* Jimi Hendrix hearing King Crimson in 1969.
* Why it’s good to look like a mushroom.
* Who had legs that snapped like whipcords.
* Bill Bruford and his 30th anniversary in the business.
* Who earned royalties for silence.
* Why it is unlikely Robert will write a movie score.
* When it is OK to heckle.
* Hear him tease bearded, bespectacled, earnest young men.
* The workings and mission of Discipline Global Mobile Record Company.
* What Fripp reads in Starbucks.
* Hear what he says about Fripp the Sister.
* And much, much, more about history, music, King Crimson, Soundscapes, his life’s insights.

And much, much more dalla TrecCKani della musica, e oltre.
Tutto questo ben di Dio per soli 115.00 USD.


nel 2014 c’era un’offertona a 85,00 USD.

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