The TidBITS Wishlist for Apple in 2015

Snow Leopard 2.0 — Mac OS X and iOS have seen major changes in the past couple of years, with design overhauls, important new capabilities, and unprecedented levels of interoperability.

But all of that has come with some steep costs. Updates have become less reliable (see “Apple Releases 8.0.1, but Don’t Update Yet!,” 24 September 2014). Update sizes have become so bloated that some users can’t install them. Overall, Apple’s legendary stability and reliability have suffered some major blows.

For the time being, Mac OS X and iOS are effectively feature complete. The one thing we’ve repeatedly heard from users is a cry for stability. We’d like to see OS X 10.11 and iOS 9 be “Snow Leopard” updates that — just as 10.6 Snow Leopard did for 10.5 Leopard — remove cruft, clean up problems, and polish existing features so that we have a stable base going forward.

DaTidBITS: The TidBITS Wishlist for Apple in 2015.

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P.S.: poi se qualcuno volesse implementare il fottutissimo antispam su iOS, visto che adesso in tasca abbiamo macchine con processori e meccanica che risultano in una potenza di calcolo maggiore di quella dell’iMac a lampada…

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